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Nerhi x Nornor

Everest - Picture Book by Sangma Francis, Lisk Feng (Tibetan Version)


This new book covers everything you need you know about the tallest mountain in the world. Written by Sangma Francis, beautifully illustrated by Lisk Feng, first published in English and now financially supported by Nerhi Studio, it is available in Tibetan for the first time.


A Children's Book Council 2019 Outstanding Science Trade Book for Students K-12. 

This stunning nonfiction picture book compendium of facts about the world's highest mountain, with illustrations from up-and-comer Lisk Feng, will not disappoint.

Hundreds of people dare to climb Mount Everest every year, following in Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay's footsteps, hoping to experience Earth's highest peak. But there is so much more to this mountain than the brave mountaineers who climb it. Travel back to its ancient origins, learn about the flowers and plants that grow upon this great peak, and discover the rich history of religions, myths, and legends that surround this great Sagarmatha, the Goddess of the Sky.

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