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Lhasa Landmark Commemorative Series

Potala Palace T-shirt


Within the wheel of reincarnation cradled by the Nerhi Yeti emerges a scene both mystical and wondrous—Potala Palace stands tall as if within arm's reach, its grandeur perched upon the vast plateau, while the Himalayan range stretches beyond, veiled in clouds and mist. This picturesque panorama resembles a microscopic universe unfolding, where grandeur and natural beauty harmonize, evoking awe.

The deeply rooted concept of "reincarnation" is at the core of Tibetan culture's fundamental perspective on life. The common depiction of the Six Realms of Reincarnation provides a clear illustration of this concept. Each element in the Six Realms of Reincarnation holds profound symbolic meaning, shedding light on the origins of suffering, methods of liberation, and the state of ultimate freedom from suffering.


This T-shirt features a relaxed and unisex fit, incorporating advanced digital printing technology that blends the iconic Potala Palace of Lhasa with the enigmatic yeti element, presenting a distinctive Tibetan-themed pattern.


Digital Print

Item weight: 0.5kg

70% cotton, 30% polyester, machine washable.

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